Emanuele Bastianelli

Research Associate (Urban Data Mining)

RDF/XML Description Emanuele Bastianelli
Niaz Chowdhury

Research Associate

RDF/XML Description Niaz Chowdhury
Enrico Daga

Senior Project Officer: Data Science Group

Website Enrico Daga RDF/XML Description Enrico Daga
Marilena Daquino

Visiting PhD Research Student

RDF/XML Description Marilena Daquino
Shuangyan Liu

Research Associate (Data Architectures)

RDF/XML Description Shuangyan Liu
Andrea Mannocci

Research Associate

RDF/XML Description Andrea Mannocci
Francesco Osborne

Research Fellow

Website Francesco Osborne RDF/XML Description Francesco Osborne
Angelo Antonio Salatino

KMi PhD Student Representative

Website Angelo Antonio Salatino RDF/XML Description Angelo Antonio Salatino
Thiviyan Thanapalasingam

Research Assistant

RDF/XML Description Thiviyan Thanapalasingam
Ilaria Tiddi

Research Associate

Website Ilaria Tiddi RDF/XML Description Ilaria Tiddi
Pinelopi Troullinou

Research Assistant

RDF/XML Description Pinelopi Troullinou
Paul Warren

P-time External PhD Research Student

Website Paul Warren RDF/XML Description Paul Warren
What is a smart city?

How can data, technology and smart infrastructure be used to future-proof our cities? What’s the role of citizens in shaping their design and development? Find out about all this and more by...