This my site. You will find some info (publication and resources) about my work.

I am a Research Associate at the Data Science Group of the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi), in the U.K.

My area of research is the interaction of robots and cities in the context of the MK:Smart project. I am currently investigating how to use mobile sensors such as robots to dynamically acquire and update knowledge about a smart environment.

During my Ph.D. research, I focused on exploiting Linked Data for Knowledge Discovery. I studied how to use Linked Data as a background knowledge to explain patterns of data in an automatic way. I combined different Machine Learning and graph techniques to create a framework that could explain patterns automatically using information found in the Linked Data. Areas of research: Semantic Web, Knowledge Discovery, Machine Learning, but also Cognitive Science and  Natural Language Processing.

Before that, I obtained my Bachelor in German language at the University of Rome La Sapienza , and my Master in Computational Linguistics at the Paris III – La Sorbonne Nouvelle university in France.

I was part of the organisation of the LD4KD workshops (LD4KD2014, LD4KD2015) and I  assist the organisation of the  Summer School on Ontology Engineering and the Semantic Web (SSSW2015, SSSW2016). In 2017, I will be proceeding chair of the next Knowledge Capture (KCAP2017) conference.


mail: ilaria [dot] tiddi [at] open [dot] ac [dot] uk
Twitter: @IlaTiddi
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