I am an Open Access Aggregation Officer at CORE ( and also involved in the FOSTER+ ( and OpenMinTed ( projects.

My field of interest is scholarly communication and my focus is on open science and open access. I advocate for Open Access, machine accessibility to open access research papers and the promotion of Open Science for the advancement of research. I have a PhD on Open Access, with a focus on Open Access Funders´┐Ż Policies from Simmons College, Boston, MA, USA.

In the past I have worked for the Repositories Support Project (RSP) and as a repository manager at Royal Holloway, University of London. I serve as an Editor at the Open Access Directory ( and as an External Liaison Officer at the UK Council of Research Repositories (


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Major update of CORE search

CORE has just released a major update to its search engine, including a sleek new user interface and upgraded search functionality driven by the new CORE API V3....Read more

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ON-MERRIT project has been featured in Nature

We are proud to announce that the work in our EU-funded project ON-MERRIT that aims to analyse and deliver a set of evidence-based recommendations for science policies, indicators, and incentives, which could address and mitigate cumulative (dis)advantages in Open Science has been mentioned in a Nature news article....Read more

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Observing and Negating Matthew Effects in Responsible Research and Innovation Transition...Read more

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Fostering Improved Training Tools for Responsible Research and Innovation...Read more

H., B, Kuchma, I, Kalitzi, V, Davindson, J, Cancellieri, M, Correia, A, Carvalho, J, Melero, R, Kastelic, D, Borba, F, Lenaki, K, Toelch, U, Zourou, K, Knoth, P, Schmidt, B, Rodrigues, E and Pontika, N. (2019) A Case Report: Building communities with training and resources for Open Science trainers, LIBER Quarterly, 29, 1, LIBER

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