Mozilla Add-ons Workshop :: London – 30 June, 2010

Mozilla workshopI went to the Mozilla add-ons workshop yesterday evening. It was less of a workshop and more of a series of very interesting presentations. I particularly enjoyed the talk about the ‘Future of Firefox’. There were several demos of all the cool things that will be able to be done with HTML5 and the new video and canvas tags along with embedded SVG as well.

It made me think that it would be possible to replace the Cohere network view, which is currently an Applet and somewhat tempramental, with a pure HTML version. A very existing prospect.

It was also nice to meet up with Jetpack people again and find out the latest in the Jetpack vision and future plans.

A replay of all the talks and the slides from the presentations will be available soon on Mozilla add-ons workshop page.

You can see the slides from the talk on ‘Mobile Firefox Addons’ given by Brian King (Long-time Mozilla contributor, Founder of Briks Software and President of Mozdev) now at:

For more comprehensive nodes on the Mozilla add-ons workshop see Chris Heilmann’s very good blog.

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