Dr Trevor Collins

KMI Research Fellow

Teaching and development


Doing Postgraduate Research

I am involved in running OU PhD student training workshops on research presentations. I co-authored a book chapter and DVD on research presentations with Ann Jones and Stephen Potter, published in the 'Doing Postgraduate Research' book, and I sat on the course team for the 2006 edition of the book.

Duration: March 1999 and ongoing

Postgraduate Forum

I was a postgraduate tutor in KMI and worked with Marian Petre to help co-ordinate the Centre for Research in Computing's (CRC's) Postgraduate Forum and annual PhD student conference.

Duration: January 2004 to June 2008

Cognitive Psychology Courses

After joining the OU in 1994 I worked as a demonstrator and then tutor on the cognitive psychology residential schools. Over ten years, for a couple of weeks each summer, I tutored the cognitive modelling project groups. The students would develop a model of a cognitive theory to explore the scope and robustness of the theory. When I joined the teaching team they we're using Prolog as the modelling language, this was replaced by Hank a visual programming language developed by Paul Mulholland and Stuart Watt at the OU.

Duration: Summer 1995 to Summer 2005