LearningChain Logo- Initial Sketches / Ideas


I was set the assignment of coming up with a logo for LearningChain which is ‘A distributed ledger for learning’. I began by looking up already existing logos associated with education and symbols such as pencils, books, mortarboard etc. which represent education. I initially sketched these ideas onto paper then used Adobe Create to turn them into shapes/vectors which I could then edit on Adobe Illustrate and add colour to.

Illustrator vs. Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are two of the main programs used for graphic design, on the surface they seem relatively similar, yet they have completely different uses.


The main use of Photoshop is for editing already existing images like photographs. This is because it uses Raster or Bitmap graphics meaning that the images are made up of individual coloured squares; pixels. Since every image is made up from pixels it isn’t ideal for scaling images up or down since it can easily become jagged and blurry. Furthermore if you decide to make an image out of an excessive amount of pixels in order to prevent it becoming blurry once zooming in, the file size becomes huge and it would be inconvenient. Therefore this is why Photoshop is mainly used for web graphics, photo editing and designs since those projects will stay at a fixed size.


This diagram shows the difference between pixels and vector graphics however the image is still made up of pixels so if you zoomed in on vector it would become pixelated and blurry (haha)


Adobe Illustrator is a vector based software meaning that it uses mathematical formulas to create shapes which have difinitive points on the x and y axes. This means that unlike Photoshop the images are not made up of pixels and therefore can be easily scaled up or down.  Because of this, Illustrator is used often to create logos or anything that may need to be printed or displayed at different sizes.


Learning how to use Adobe Illustrate was far more complex than I anticipated but I feel as if I understand it a lot more now, after watching a few tutorials and following a tutorial on how to make a simple pinwheel (which took me around 5 hours !!). Here is the pinwheel unfinished, I still need to add the pin / stick and also make the orange shape go in front of the red one but not in front of the green shape.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.49.38

After doing this I now understand how to create simple shapes, gradients and shadows/ highlights.