1. Conversion Factors
  2. Countries, Capitals and Currencies
  3. A Series Paper Sizes
  4. Geometry Formulas
  5. Solar System Facts
  6. Decimal to Hexadecimal Conversion
  7. Web-Safe Hexadecimal Colours
  8. Roman Number System
  9. Unreal Tournament Default Bot Stats
  10. Listen to Morse Code (Shockwave required)
  11. Resistor Colour Code Identification
  12. Perpetual Calendar (1760-2099)
  13. How can triangles help to find the height of a skyscraper?
  14. What's the difference between a clock and a circle?
  15. The English Line of Succession
  16. History Timelines
    1. Kings & Queens v The Sciences
    2. Kings & Queens v Wars & Battles
    3. Kings & Queens v The Arts
    4. Wars & Battles v The Sciences
    5. Wars & Battles v The Arts
    6. The Arts v The Sciences
    7. Kings & Queens/The Sciences/Wars & Battles/The Arts
  17. Gibson Guitar Serial Numbers 2005 onwards
  18. Colour Selector - a simple 'rgb' colour selector.
  19. Basic Hearaldry.
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