Testing the 'move option' each turn

Players throw one D6 at the start of each turn to see who wins the 'move option' and so say who will move first or second that turn, the highest score winning the right to choose. The winner will also decide at the start of the combat phase, from which direction across the battlefield all combat that turn will take place (i.e. from left to right or right to left).
The winner of the previous turn's 'move option' must modify his die score by taking two from his 'move option' die score at the start of the next turn, or four if he won the 'option' two times in a row, or six if he won three times in a row (i.e. the deduction of 2 is cumulative until the option is lost).
As an example of combat direction if a unit routs from a combat that takes place near but before a separate combat and a friendly unit involved in the second combat is in its rout path, the second unit will have to test its morale from the first units rout path before play is moved on to its own combat.
If it fails the morale test it will have to fight its own combat as Shaken.

In both the shooting phase and the melee phase combat is separated into 'zones'. It has been decided in this example the combat and morale will be resolved from left to right (A - D).


1. Dice for move option and combat direction.
2. Simultaneous Firing/Morale tests.
3. Rally Shaken troops.
4. Movement (player A 4a-c, then player B 4a-c).
4a. Move generals.
4b. Test command ranges.
4c. Moves/Formation changes.
5. Simultaneous HTH/Morale tests.