Figures should ideally be based on elements with the same frontage measurements. Troops are formed into separate units of the same troop type, consisting of four elements if representing a battalion of Foot or regiment of Cavalry, and two elements if Artillery representing a battery.
Foot units for these rules can be: Heavy Foot, Light Foot
(with or without rifles).
Cavalry units for these rules can be Heavy Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Lancers (sub category of Light Cavalry).
Artillery units for these rules can be Foot Artillery or Horse Artillery
Each unit of Foot or Cavalry must be assigned to a brigade under the command of one General figure.
Only Artillery and Skirmishers can manoeuvre outside of command range without making a command test.
Troops are one of three classes, Elite, Trained, or Raw.
For 'fun' non-historical battles it is suggested that for each Elite unit in an army there should be a unit that is Raw (e.g. 20 unit army; 4 Elite, 4 Raw and the remaining 12 units Trained, commanded by 4 or 5 average Generals). Note artillery cannot be counted as Raw units in this type of battle.

Initial Deployment
Units may be deployed anywhere within 8 inches of their player's base edge before the battle begins. If players feel an unfair advantage would be gained from seeing their opponent's deployment, then it is suggested that each player takes it in turn to deploy only all of a single General's units at a time. Dice to see who deploys the first General's command.
If a player wants a command to come onto the table in a continuous column longer than 8 inches (on a road for instance) then set the remaining units aside (but visible to the opponent) in the order in which they will enter, and add them to the column as it moves onto the table.

Winning a battle
Unless playing a scenario a battle is won when you have removed over half of your opponents elements i.e. an army with 20 units (not including Generals) would lose when it lost 11 elements.

Above is shown an example 20 unit army controlled by 4 Generals, each allocated specific units to command for the entire battle.