Units may only move and wheel up to their maximum distance allowed for the slowest type of terrain passed through. When wheeling the distance is measured from the leading element's front corner that has the furthest to travel around the arc.
Units may not move through other troops (see Skirmisher exceptions below) or impassable terrain, or pass within 2 inches across the front of enemy who are not at that time in hand-to-hand (HTH) combat (see Cavalry v Square exceptions).
Unless troops are Light Foot, halve all movement distances when in bad going.
Skirmishers (Light Foot in line) may move backwards up to their maximum distance without making a command test, turning 180 degrees if they wish (this is also an Evade move made if they pass a command test when they are first charged).
Unless either are in HTH Skirmishers may move through, or be moved through by, friendly troops.
A unit can only contact an enemy flank or rear, if it begins its charge move wholly beyond an imaginary line extending from the side its intends to contact the enemy unit.
Troops in column travelling entirely along a road may add 2 inches to their movement.
Artillery in column are assumed to be limbered and so cannot shoot.

Movement when crossing a river.
Halve all distances when crossing a river, but foot can never exceed 2 inches or cavalry 4 inches in a turn. Artillery cannot cross a river unless at a bridge or ford etc.

Rule variation: Cavalry forced movement (Cavalry are harder to control and require more thought).
Cavalry must move a minimum of 4 inches each turn once they have been moved, unless they change formation; or they could not avoid ending in bad going, or contacting friends, or if the whole unit could not pass through friendly skirmishers in that move.

Unit A could not charge C as it would enter unit B's zone of control. If B was in HTH combat A could charge C.

Because of their starting positions relative to E's flanks:
A could charge E's flank.
B could charge E's front.
C could charge E's front or flank.
D could charge E's rear.

TROOP TYPE Line Column Square
Heavy Cavalry 4" 8" -
Light Cavalry 5" 10" -
Heavy Foot 3" 6" 1"
Light Foot 4" (skirmishers) 6" -
2" (unlimbered)
4" (limbered)
8" (limbered)