General figures

Generals can be one of three types, Exceptional, Average or Poor.
Units can only be commanded by their brigade General figure and only if he is in command range with any part of their unit.
General figures cannot be fired upon or fought and are ignored for all movement through them.
A General figure is at risk when joined to a unit (i.e. when rallying shaken). If the unit is destroyed or routed throw a D6, he is killed with a score of one.
Generals are out of sight of their units if no part of the unit is visible because a Woods, BUA, or Hills terrain feature intervenes and they are beyond their 'out of sight' command range depending on their quality (see table below). Generals use their 'in sight' command range if none of the previously mentioned terrain features fully intervene with their troops.

Generals move a maximum of 10".
General's Command ranges:
• Exceptional - 16" if in sight; 12" if out of sight.
• Average - 12" if in sight; 8" if out of sight.
• Poor - 10" if in sight; 6" if out of sight.