Napoleon's Enemies - Richard Warner
Wellington The years of the sword - Elizabeth Longford
Napoleon's Military Machine - P. Haythornthwaite
Wellington's Military Machine - P. Haythornthwaite
Armies of the Napoleonic Period - Otto Von Pivka
Waterloo 1815 - Geoffrey Wootten
Wellington's Peninsular Victories - M. Glover
The Peninsular War - Donald Featherstone
The Recollections of Rifleman Harris
The Memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne
Forward into Battle - Paddy Griffith
The Soldiers Trade - Frederick Myatt
MacDonald of the 42nd - Donald Featherstone
Sharpe Novels - Bernard Cornwell

Waterloo - Dino De Laurentis
Sharpe TV Series

Wargame Rules:

Shako - Arty Conliff
Fast Play Napoleonic Rules - T.J.Halsall
Cannons and Columns DBA variant - Mark Emms
In the Grand Manner - Reigate Wargames Group
Napoleonic DBM variant - Mike Cambell

DBA - Wargame Research Group
DBM - Wargame Research Group
Tactica - Arty Conliff
Tactica Medieval - Arty Conliff & Ed Regendahl
Armarti - Arty Conliff

Spearhead - Arty Conliff
Crossfire - Arty Conliff
Storm of Steel - Michael Peters
Abteilung - RFCM

WW1 Air:
Dogfight Over Flanders - Mike Thomas & Kev Smith

Hords of the Things - Wargames Research Group
Flintloque - Alternative Armies