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Music Basics
The Science
The Stave & Clefs
The Notes
The Timing
The Bars


Play Piano
Play Bass
Play Drums

Learn the notes
Learn the rhythm
Learn about bars


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Play the Piano

Press a key to play a note and watch it appear on the stave. Learn which keys match which of the notes on the stave.

When you press a key on a piano a small hammer strikes a string inside which vibrates and creates sound. The keys to the right have shorter strings making high notes and the keys to the left have longer thicker strings which vibrate less making lower notes.

Press the chord button to play chords made from three notes. This type of chord is called a Triad. You play the 'root' note of the chord, C for example and the computer plays the other two notes for you. You can play the white notes from C to C in this simulation.

You can play major or minor chords. See if you can spot the difference between a major and minor chord.

Note the movie sounds load last, please be patient.

If the movie doesn't load download the Shockwaver Player plugin from here.