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Play the Electric Bass Guitar

Play a note and watch where it appears on the stave. Learn which of the fret positions match which of the notes on the stave. The frets are the vertical metal bars that divide the length of the neck into 'note positions'.

You must hold down the string just behind a fret, not on it. This changes the length of the part of the string which can vibrate freely. When the string is plucked (the computer will do this for you) it vibrates at a particular frequency depending on its length, producing a musical note. The shorter the string, the higher the note.

Unlike a real bass guitar you can only play the fret positions up to the 5th fret. The vertical grey bar at the end of the neck is called the nut this holds the strings. In this simulation you can play an open string (where no fret position is used) by clicking on the nut, you could not do this on a real guitar. This is to help you play 'bass runs'. You can also play open strings 'properly' where the plectrum appears at the left.

Note the movie sounds load last, please be patient.

If the movie doesn't load download the Shockwaver Player plugin from here.