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  1. Colour Code (23k) Can you find the colour code in ten guesses?
  2. Colour Flip (62k) Beat 3 computer players in a game of both skill and luck.
  3. Dungeon Quest (232k) Search through a dungeon with this simple RPG.
  4. Bingo (72k) A computer version of the popular game.
  5. Memory Game (168k) Match each pair of hidden pictures.
  6. 4 in a row (26k) Get 4 of your counters in a row to win.
  7. Quintet (39K) Beat the computer in a game with five dice.
  8. 21 Again (54k) Card game - beat the computer to 21 points.
  9. Lose Em (92k) Lose all your cards to win!
  10. Share It! (90k) Buy shares to make a profit - or lose it!
  11. Stay Patient (48k) A traditional patience card game.
  12. Clock Patience (58k) A traditional patience card game.
  13. Asterododge (64k) Shoot the asteroids and save the Space Station.
  14. Light 'Em Up (12k) Match the computer's sequences of lights to win.
  15. Bath the Puppy (69k) Find the hidden words to save the puppy from a bath!
  16. Into the Blue (65k) Take to the skies in a WW2 fighter-bomber.
  17. Fast Money (70k) Make (or lose) money by betting on the outcome of a race.
  18. Amused? (7k) Er...may keep you amused for a while?
  19. Capture (45k) A version of the classic game 'Shut the Box'.
  20. AstroTrek (50k) Based on the classic 'Asteroids' type 'space shooter'.
  21. Trump 'Em (47k) Classic card game - beat your opponent's statistic to win their card.
  22. Robot Nuts (146k) Get the robot to pick up the nuts without stepping on the oil.
  23. JigIt (25k) Various jigsaw puzzle pictures to reconstruct (approximately 100k each).
  24. Fours (27k) Throw dice to connect four dots in a row or square.
  25. Top Rank (52K) Get your character to the top of a firm while testing your memory.
  26. Croak (35k) Frog wants some sleep, so help him to eat the noisy bugs!
  27. Dog Racing (33k) Based on the boardgame Galloping Pigs.
  28. Jigsaw (20k) Load your own image and complete the jigsaw (Flash Player 10 required).
  29. WordLink (18k) Use individual letter tiles to create and link a grid of words.
  30. The Letter Game (20k) Answer questions to move individual letter tiles to score points.
  31. Turn Quiz (20k) Spin a disk to get a random letter and begin your answer to a question with that letter.
  32. Shoot the Aliens (55k) Very simple shoot em' up version of a style similar to Space Invaders.
  33. Drinking Bird (6k) Not really a game, more a simulation. Interesting physics in the real thing. May pass for a screen saver?
  34. Wordsearch (17k) Find the words hidden in the grid of letters.
  35. Treasure Seeker (380k) Plot the ship's course to the treasure, on various maps.

Programmed by Jon Linney.

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