4 Rotor Marine Enigma
Used by German U-Boat Command to send and receive coded messages. They entered service at the beginning of February 1942.

In 2001 I had the interesting task of pictorially documenting an Enigma machine belonging to Bletchley Park. As nothing has ever been done officially with this information for so long, and it may be of interest to many people I thought I would include it on my site and not let it go to waste. The pictures were taken at KMi by Chris Valentine. Please respect the relevant copyrights.

A Flash swf file of the machine 'opening up'.
Click the arrow buttons to open parts of the machine. (150KB)

A Flash swf file of the machine 'rotating'.
Click the arrow buttons to rotate the machine, or click the rotate button to have the machine rotate automatically. (330KB)

Detail Pictures
Click on a picture to see an enlarged version.
Using an Enigma machine at a Bletchley Park 're-enactment day'.
Pictures by Chris Valentine.

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