A few examples of my 3D animation work at KMi.
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Lillienthal Glider
An Otto Lillienthal (1848-96) glider. His study of the flight of birds influenced the design of his gliders. Although he met his death flying one of his creations, they were superb gliders for the time.
Tatin Model
A Frenchman Victor Tatin (1843-1913), built a successful flying model in 1879 powered by an engine, running on compressed air, driving two tractor propellers. It was tethered to a pole in the centre of a circular test track.
Stringfellow Monoplane
In 1848 successful trials of this monoplane, designed by John Stringfellow, took place in an 80ft long factory building. It was powered by a well designed small steam engine and ran along a wire from which it was automatically released.
Newcomen Steam Engine
Thomas Newcomen (1663-1729), designed and built a steam engine housed in a large building near Dudley Castle in Tipton in 1712, used to pump out water from a coal mine. This cutaway animation shows the control mechanism in detail. More...
Smeaton's Water Wheel Experiment
John Smeaton (1724 - 1792 ) one of the most important engineers of the 18th century, devised this experiment to find the most efficient type of water wheel, a major source of industrial power at the time. Water flowed though a channel via an adjustable gate, turning the wheel. He used the weight and pullys (a lot farther away from the wheel in reality) to calculate the wheel's efficiency.

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