Skeptic Arguments and What the Science Says

Today, I uploaded an issue map to the Compendium maps section of the Open University’s moodle website. The issue map was created with the kind permission of John Cook, owner of, which provided the conversation material necessary.

My thesis research mission includes the collection of a text corpus representing arguments on both sides of some issue. When I mapped the site, there were 126 arguments; there are now 127. Along the way, I decided that two of the arguments were essentially saying the same thing, so I merged them in my map, which is what my thesis research is about: federating conversations.

In a subsequent post, I shall describe what is expected of that text corpus. For purposes of my initial research, the text collected from this one website and sites linked to it should provide a sufficient starting text corpus.

3 thoughts on “Skeptic Arguments and What the Science Says

  1. Dear Jack,

    we have read with interest the report “Compendium Maps: a visual summary of the climate debate”in the reader and would like to report on our site.

    is it ok?


  2. I am happy to see people take interest in social sensemaking in its many forms; feel free to report, link, and become part of a much larger conversation. — Jack

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