Dedalo, experiments&resources

Dedalo’s demo is now online!!


Dedalo is a framework that uses Linked Data traversal to find common explanations for the items grouped under a given pattern. To produce them,  Dedalo combines reasoning upon positive and negative examples of instantiation of a pattern with a greedy search over the Linked Data graph in order to find common characteristics shared by the positive examples that do not apply to the negative examples.

Below you will find a list of datasets and resources I have been working on with Dedalo.

Learning to assess Linked Data relationships Data

What is an explanation? A formal definition Data

Labelling scholar communities with Linked Data Data

Explaining Google Trends with Dedalo Data

Detecting the bias with data links Data

Neural Networks to combine Linked Data rules Data

Comparing heuristics to search in the Linked Data graph Data

Using Inductive Logic Programming with background knowledge from Linked Data Data