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See you at ISWC 2015

I will be at ISWC 2015 October 11-15 to present the paper “Klink-2: Integrating Multiple Web Sources to Generate Semantic Topic Networks” about the automatic generation of large-scale ontologies of research topics. I will introduce Klink-2, a novel approach which analyses networks of research entities (including papers, authors, venues, and technologies) to infer three kinds of semantic relationships between topics. It also identifies ambiguous keywords (e.g., “ontology”) and separates them into the appropriate distinct topics – e.g., “ontology/philosophy” vs. “ontology/semantic web”. I am using this approach in Rexplore to foster a number of research analytics.

I will also present a poster/demo about the RASH Framework, a set of specifications and writing/conversion/extraction tools for writing academic articles in RASH (Research Articles in Simplified HTML), a HTML-based format that permits to embed RDFa annotations and Turtle statements within a document. This format was adopted already by a number of workshops this year at conferences such as ESWC, ISWC and WWW, and it is spreading quickly and raising the interest of a number of editors and conference organisers.

See you soon in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania!