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PhD Studentships at the Knowledge Media Institute

The Knowledge Media Institute is currently offering two fully-funded studentships commencing October 2017. Applications are invited from UK, EU and international students for full-time, 3-year study on the following PhD topics.

In particular, our research group is looking for PhD students to work on Big Data Analytics, under the supervision of Professor Enrico Motta.
We offer the following PhD topics.

Understanding and forecasting the spreading of research concepts.
The research will focus on the development of new algorithms which can automatically identify research concepts (e.g., technologies, approaches, theories, methods, models) in the literature and analyse how these concepts, which emerge in a particular research community (e.g., machine learning), are adopted by other communities (e.g., social science). The aim here is to be able to learn patterns of ‘research concept migration’, both to improve our understanding of the transmission of scientific ideas and also to enable the implementation of new systems able to alert researchers to potential interesting developments in other areas.

See the Rexplore project for our relevant previous work.

Exploratory search in large heterogenous data hubs.
Exploratory search solutions have so far primarily focused on supporting users in locating and making sense of information in large homogeneous repositories. With the emergence of large scale data portals, such as the MK Data Hub, the need has arisen for novel solutions effectively supporting users in exploring large heterogenous repositories, comprising thousands of different (but potentially related) data sets. This research will require the design and development of novel exploratory solutions, which will comprise not only new user interface paradigms but also novel intelligent data aggregation and abstraction techniques to facilitate retrieval and sensemaking.

See the MK:Smart project for our relevant previous work.

For more information and to apply, contact Enrico Motta or Francesco Osborne.

The deadline for applications is 10 April 2017 – see http://kmi.open.ac.uk/studentships/vacancies/ftphd/#sthash.hK3lMMEq.dpuf for more details on this and other opportunities.

Research Assistant position in our research group (KMi, The Open University)

Our research group at KMi, The Open University, is searching for a research assistant to work on the analysis of Big Scholarly Data in the context of Rexplore, a system which provides an innovative environment for exploring and making sense of scholarly data.

We are offering a paid internship for an initial period of 6 months, with the possibility for renewal. We believe it is a good opportunity for an undergrad or a master student to be part of a high-profile research team, under the supervision of Enrico Motta, Professor of Knowledge Technologies at the Open University. They would also have the opportunity of collaborate with major international publishers such as Elsevier and Springer Nature.

Specific tasks of the role are as follows:
– Integration and management of Big Data in the academic domain;
– Developing and testing the Rexplore technology as a service to be used by publishers and universities worldwide;
– Contributing to the creation of innovation algorithms to extract information from research data and to forecast the flow of knowledge in the research domain.

I would be grateful if you could flag this position to friend of yours who may be interested in this opportunity.

For further information please write to francesco.osborne@open.ac.uk.