USDL Foundation Module as RDF

In my previous post I introduced USDL, the W3C Incubator Group associated to it and I mentioned that within it, I was going to work on devising a USDL version that would be ready for the application of Linked Data principles, the interlinking of USDL data with that hosted in […]

USDL and Linked Data

Just as the world of services started drifting away from complex technology stacks and getting closer to simple, HTTP-based, possibly RESTful solutions, SAP have generated a new large, ambitious, all-encompassing specification named Unified Service Description Language (USDL). What is most remarkable of this approach is that it is not yet another […]

Investigating Web APIs on the World Wide Web

The world of services on the Web has traditionally been limited to “classical” Web services based on WSDL and SOAP. For quite some time now, though, services on the Web are increasingly marked by the domination of Web APIs, which includes, but is not limited to, RESTful services. Despite their […]