Invited Talk at Microsoft’s eScience Workshop 2011

I just came back from 2011 Microsoft Research eScience in Action Workshop, which was co-located with the IEEE International Conference on e-Science in Stockholm, Sweden. The goal of this eighth annual cross-disciplinary workshop was to bring together scientists from diverse disciplines to share their research and discuss how computing is transforming their work. I […]

Keynote on Linked Services at JISBD 2011

It’s been a while since I posted any news but this does not mean I have not been active. Quite the contrary actually… it’s been pretty hard to keep up. Last September I gave a keynote during JISBD 2011 – Jornadas Sistedes 2011 back in A Coruña, Spain. It was […]

New Survey Highlights Key Issues with Web APIs

After quite some time without posting, I’d like to retake it and break momentarily the series on USDL (on which both Torsten Leidig from SAP and I have continued working) to quickly post an interesting survey on Web APIs I just found out about. The survey comes from the Trove […]

USDL Foundation Module as RDF

In my previous post I introduced USDL, the W3C Incubator Group associated to it and I mentioned that within it, I was going to work on devising a USDL version that would be ready for the application of Linked Data principles, the interlinking of USDL data with that hosted in […]

USDL and Linked Data

Just as the world of services started drifting away from complex technology stacks and getting closer to simple, HTTP-based, possibly RESTful solutions, SAP have generated a new large, ambitious, all-encompassing specification named Unified Service Description Language (USDL). What is most remarkable of this approach is that it is not yet another […]