About Me

I’m a Senior Research Fellow at the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi), The Open University which I joined back in 2006. I obtained my MSc in Computer Science in July 2002 and my PhD in Artificial Intelligence in April 2006, both from the University of the Basque Country (Spain).

My research is essentially aimed at supporting the development of smart Web applications for which I resort to an opportunistic combination of state-of-the-art results from a variety of fields including most notably the Semantic Web, Big Data, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning.

I currently lead a research group around the Web of Things and Services. Our work is mainly driven by two projects. In the COMPOSE project, a € 7.5M budget research project coordinated by IBM where I serve as Scientific Director, we are building a Big Data infrastructure for supporting the development of smart Internet of Things applications. We essentially provide easy to use tooling for wiring smart applications which are nonetheless backed by highly-scalable processing infrastructure able to cope with the large amounts of data ingested by Internet of Things applications.

I am also leading the Linked USDL initiative jointly with SAP and the University of Coimbra. In Linked USDL we are working towards producing a set of Linked Data vocabularies that would support the trading of (business) services on the Web in a way similar to how we currently trade products. On the basis of rich yet simple RDF(S) vocabularies we aim to support service providers in providing descriptions for the services they offer (e.g., mobile communication, consulting, insurance) in a way such that machines could understand them and could help users find such offerings, compare them, or even combine them to fulfil their needs.

Prior to this I was the deputy Scientific Director of SOA4All where we revisited all the work around Semantic Web Services towards a more scalable and applicable approach dropping complexity in favour of scalability and embracing newer technologies such as Linked Data and RESTful APIs. As part of this research we have produced a number of generic tools such as iServe, SWEET, OmniVoke, which we have used to build applications such as SugarTube, and SOA4RE. The results from this project have been and are still being applied and extended in a number of domains including Telecommunications in the NoTube project, and Biomedicine domain in the context of the EU project VPH-Share where I served as The Open University’s Principal Investigator.

In my early years in KMi I worked in the european projects DIP and SUPER. In DIP my research was centred on core Semantic Web Services infrastructure, including ontologies (e.g., WSMO), specification languages (e.g., SAWSDL) and software to exploit such descriptions (e.g., WSMO Studio, Internet Reasoning Service). In SUPER, on the other hand, I focussed on using semantic technologies to support the monitoring, mining and reverse engineering of Business Processes.

Prior to joining KMi I worked at San Sebastian’s Technology Park as a researcher working on the European Project OBELIX. During this period I worked on my PhD thesis in which I designed, implemented, tested and evaluated a generic infrastructure for the development of Knowledge-Based Services for the Web. I was also the IT administrator of the laboratory’s premises and was supervising several master theses centred around the use of the Internet for better supporting people to work in cooperation.

Besides my main professional activities when I need a break I focus on more manual activities such as scale modelling.