PhD Opportunity around the Web of Things

In the last years, the Internet of Things has witnessed an outstanding evolution in terms of hardware, e.g., Arduinos and sensors, communication technologies like RFID, and even higher-level development environments such as NodeRED. The Web of Things aims to integrate the IoT into the Web with the aim of amplifying the capabilities of the traditional Web with support for interacting with the real world. The Web of Things is expected to revolutionise the world, but achieving this vision presents a number of outstanding challenges.

To address some of these challenges we currently have a fully funded PhD studentship at the Knowledge Media Institute of The Open University (UK). If this triggered your curiosity, find below some of the exciting yet challenging topics that you could tackle:


  • making sense out of this wealth of sensors data to support the creation of advanced applications
  • detecting issues in data streams automatically
  • providing solutions for the automated optimization of data collection, aggregation, and summarisation processes to reduce the data flow
  • defining techniques for the scalable and effective gathering and processing of highly heterogeneous and often flaky data streams from sensors
  • supporting the efficient querying of distributed, heterogeneous and variable data sources at Internet scale

Should you wish to make a PhD in any of these exciting topics, or any other challenges centred on the Web of Things, get in touch!

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