COMPOSE Nominated for #IoTAwards

iotawardsEvery year the #IoTAwards honour the year’s best products and ideas shaping the Internet of Things, may they be novel business ideas or disruptive devices. It was glad to see recently that, for 2014, the project COMPOSE has been nominated for the best integrated solution for supporting the development of Internet of Things applications.

Our platform competes in this category with well-established, commercial solutions such as,, and DGLogik, which highlights the high regards that the IoT community hold of COMPOSE’s results. While there is still a lot of work to be done both in within our platform as well as in general in the area of IoT platforms, it is great to see that what we’ve achieved after 24 months is well received by the community.

You can learn more about what we are up to here, and indeed at the project’s Web site.