PhD Studentship Available

A position is available for PhD students at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University, UK (see general information).

We are currently offering a fully-funded studentship commencing January 2013. Applications are invited from UK, EU and international students for full-time, 3-year study on the following PhD project:

Mining Services on the Web

As the role of the Web has become central within ICT and our society in general, it is increasingly apparent that although services are widely used, current practices are largely driven by less traditional factors than those initially anticipated and prescribed by software engineering methodologies. In this PhD Studentship we would like to carry out research on services from a fundamentally different perspective from the one commonly adopted in Computer Science. Notably, rather than focusing on defining new theoretical principles and frameworks for supporting the development of service-oriented systems, we would like to exploit the plethora of information that exists on the Web to figure out what current practices are, gain a better understanding on how service providers and service consumers are behaving, and use this knowledge to better support their practices. By doing so we expect to gather a richer understanding on current development processes in the Web era, so that we can determine the main factors driving services successes and failures, produce models that could predict the popularity or determine the simplicity of usage of a given service, etc. It is only then that we will be able to devise adequate technologies for supporting service providers and consumers, as well as identify and propose means for bridging the gap between current practices and best principles that could lead us towards a more sustainable future.

Deadline for applications: 16th November 2012.

Further information: