Linked USDL Launched

In previous posts I talked about some of our work in the area of USDL initiated within the W3C Incubator Group. Together with SAP, mainly with Torsten Leidig, we have been trying to remodel USDL as a set of RDF(S) vocabularies that could better help sharing and exploiting USDL descriptions on the Web. An important part of this activity is devoted to identifying reusable vocabularies already available that could help enlarge the compatibility of USDL with other datasets and tools.

Since USDL is a considerably large specification, we have not yet ported everything. At the moment we have a few fragments out together with some examples showing how they could be used. There is indeed a lot of work to be done still but since this is thought for being reused by anybody interested on the Web we’ve opened it up and exposed it on a dedicated Web site: .

There is a lot more that will be gradually coming up but meanwhile feel free to check it out, use it, or even better, contribute to it!