Welcome and thanks for your interest to my blog, that aimed to write regularly but tend to write rarely!

In this site you can find more about who I am, what kind of work I am doing, why I am doing it and the ways of how to contact with me. But more importantly you’ll find out my reflections on:

  • My academic journey
  • My feelings, thoughts and suggestions on PhD life
  • Reflections on papers, news or articles related with my research area (Learning Analytics)
  • Information & reflections on conferences, seminars, symposiums and events about my area
  • Women in computing related topics (scholarships, activities, events, groups and so on.)

Edit on 06/06/14: I initially (back in 2012) intended to write and publish weekly blog posts but as a PhD student getting warnings from her supervisors who always nag about why I’m not writing to my blog I warn you not to expect something at least weekly 🙂

Edit on 08/01/15: Well OK, promised this is my new year resolution! I will write…