Do you wonder what others think about me? My lecturers, supervisors, bosses, clients? Check below to read some of the references I’ve received for my work since 2005.

MSc. in Software Engineering, University of Southampton, UK

I was Duygu’s MSc dissertaion advisor. She worked hard and showed intelligence and humour in her approach. I would have offerered her a PhD place if she had the funding.Prof. Hugh Davis, Director of ILIaD – University of Southampton

MA. in Computer and Instructional Technologies Teacher Education, Bilkent University, UK

It is my great pleasure to recommend Ms. Duygu Simsek. I know Duygu as her lecturer at several courses that she took during her M.A. studies at Bilkent University. Based on my information about Duygu and her achievements, I consider her an outstanding student and a responsible person.

I have had the chance to know Duygu in several different aspects. She succeeded in her class projects, presentations and discussions. Her studies, grasp of course material and excellent performance in term projects and assignments astonished her peers as well as me. She is self-motivated and disciplined. I strongly believe that she will excel in her future studies, as well.Serpil Tuti Sari, ITDP, at Providence College

Java Developer Intern in June-July 2009

Duygu worked in Havelsan as an internee in June-July 2009. She was assigned to develop Java user interfaces to a component in our project. In doing this, she was very successful in both the technical content of the task and the regulations of our company. She had also carried out research for the technical depth of the work, and very successful in reporting her achievements. We, as the people worked with her, are very pleased with her studies, and thankful to her for being an ideal team member.Ediz Saykol, Computer Engineering Department Chair at Beykent University

Duygu worked in Havelsan as an internee to develop advanced Java UIs. I can describe her as a software engineer who is an ideal team member, easy to wok within the team and open to improve herself further. She won the admiration of my colleagues’ and myself by learning and implementing new tasks quickly.” Emre Yilmaz, Computer Engineering Department Chair at Beykent University

B.A. in Computer and Instructional Technologies Teacher Education, Bilkent University, Turkey

Duygu was one of the most intelligent and hardworking student in my classroom. She was a remarkable person with her discipline, willingness and ability to create bright solutions especially for programming problems.
I believe that she will be one of the most successful graduate of our department.Fusun Yuruten, Lecturer at Bilkent University

As an instructor at Bilkent I have had the pleasure of working with Duygu in many contexts. Duygu is an intelligent, mature student who always strives to learn more than is taught. Working with Duygu on a term project, I found her to be a natural leader, who showed professionalism in dealing with the client, supervisors and fellow students. In most cases she goes above and beyond what is asked of her in the name of personal and professional development.Lori Russell Dag, Lecturer at Bilkent University

Duygu is one of the best student in CTE department. She is very creative and solution-oriented person. Great personality mixed with energetic equals Duygu. You show her the target and she gives you the path. Dear Duygu, it was a pleasure for me to be your lab assistant.Ceylan Kose, Computer Specialist at Bilkent University


I have known Duygu Simsek for more than 8 years as my undergraduate and masters student. She graduated as the first of class of 2010-2011. She has always been the top student of her group at Bilkent University Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education in her class. Needless to say, Duygu excelled in all of the courses. She took Internet Applications in Education, Research Methods in Education, Distance Education and Material Design and Development in Education courses from me. Her performance, the projects she produced, the courses she presented and the research she carried out were extremely creative, professional and succesful. She is full of ideas and she wants her work to stand out so she always pursues her studies very well. She has demonstrated great skill in research and she conducted a very successful study on the topic of mandatory attendance for first year students. She has a very good grasp and command of computer science topics and education topics. She also has great ability in expressing herself in both written and spoken form. Her command of English is definitely a strength.

Duygu is an extremely intelligent, hard-working, mature, responsible and organized person who always fulfills the requirements in a perfectionist way. Duygu always completes her assignments, tasks and projects with great creativity, effort and care and hands them in on time. Her creativity and capability to work independently and use her discretion are her remarkable character traits. As a lecturer you can always present her work as one of the best examples to her classmates. Both the content of her tasks, assignments and projects as well as the way she presents her work are perfect. She always gets the most out of the courses and reaches her aims with great concentration. She shows interest both during and outside class. She always comes prepared and always participates fully in class. Her mother is a university instructor and as a result, she herself has a great commitment to and respect for education.

She has also worked in our Bilkent Educational Technology Support Unit as a student worker and has contributed tremendously to our CMS services, particularly Moodle. She was fastidious in her work and always delivered on time as required. She also worked in the ITICSE 2010 conference held in Ankara and completed her duties very welll. She completed her industrial training, which is a requirement in our department, at a very-well reputed local company Havelsan and they were so impressed with her work and personality that they offered her a job after her completion of the training.

As a person she is very amiable, polite, sensitive, and respectful. She is a true asset in class. In team work, she delivers her responsibilities fully and she is a born leader, who is also cabaple of showing respect and consideration for her friends at the same time. She also has great personal skills in dealing with her peers. She is a very popular figure in class. After Duygu receives her masters degree, she would like to pursue an academic career in Computer Science. I am absolutely confident that she will be very successful whatever field she continues to study and I am also certain that she will be able to return any personal, academic or financial investment in her in a very fruitful way. Duygu has always been an exemplary student and an individual. My wish is for her to develop herself in academia and contribute to the field of Computer Science and/or Instructional Technology at both an international and national level. I am certain Duygu will succeed in any field she chooses and she will always accomplish the tasks set out for her. It has been very frutiful and pleasurable to work with her.Ceylan Yazici, Lecturer at Bilkent University

Duygu continuously was interested in the topics being discussed in class and not only participated the classwork but also contributed to the course content with high quality materials she found and shared. Some of the course work required working as teams. I was so impressed with her leadership skills and how she managed to support all the members in her team. She made sure that her team rehearses before every presentation to make the presentation on time, fluent and interactive. I wish there was a grade above A that I could give her for her outstanding performance.

Our department had an agreement with Rose-Hullman Institute of Technology in the United States to collaborate for the term project. Although it was not very easy for students living at different continents and at different time zones, the result has been very successful. Duygu led a group of her friends to present a poster at ACM-SIGCSE’s 14th Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education conference. Their poster proposal was accepted and I had the chance to be in Paris with my students at the conference. Traveling together gave me the chance to observe Duygu in a different context and I was not surprised to find out how mature and well organized she is.

Duygu also worked for the student organization that I was sponsoring: BILWIC, Bilkent ACM-W Student Chapter and Club as the Vice Chair. The team was so well going, so organized that, as their supervisor I didn’t have a need to attend their meetings or check their work during their event organizations.  These are evidences of her devotion to her responsibilities, her hard work, her patience and her ability to manage time.Reyyan Ayfer, Director of CTE

International Team Project between Bilkent University and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Duygu Simsek elected to participate the first international collaborative project between Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology(USA) and Bilkent University(Turkey). Duygu was part of a team that designed a website for the International Children’s Centre’s(ICC) Child Right’s Programme. Duygu was a very active participant in the project and took on the leadership role for her module. During her interactions with the students from Rose-Hulman, Duygu was good at communicating her ideas and opinions on various aspects of the project. Her team did not just create a website for the client, they also created educational videos with children to add to the website. In addition, her team worked with a graphic designer to improve the feel and look of the website. Duygu demonstrated her ability to work well with her peers as well as people with different backgrounds and skills. Duygu was a pleasure to have as a student.Archana Chidanandan,  JBS International

Duygu was a student that worked on an international collaborative project between Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey, and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana, U.S.A. I observed the final results of the project during the presentation to the client in Ankara, as well as at the ITiCSE 2009 conference in Paris, France, where several of the students presented their work in two posters. The project was very well done, and the client was ecstatic with the results. Duygu learned a lot about working with people from another culture, and she contributed greatly to the success of the project.Cary Laxer, Professor and Head of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

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