About me

I’m currently living in Milton Keynes, UK for my PhD studies.

But I’m originally from Ankara, Turkey.

I studied Computer and Instructional Technologies which was a five year combined undergraduate and graduate program at that time, offering professions as computer scientist, instructional technologist and ICT teacher to its graduates. I graduated as a 1st ranking student in my cohort & faculty from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. During my undergraduate years, I had core computer science curriculum, learned how to program, how to code, design a system, a database and so on so forth. Curriculum also had lectures on instructional technology which were about the ways of engaging teachers to use technology in their classes.  With my graduate curriculum, which was UK’s PGCE equivalent, I gained ICT teacher qualification. And during my graduate studies I became a visiting PGCE student at the University of Cambridge, UK for a month which shaped my feelings towards the UK and the English breakfast, tea and scones =)

Afterwards, I became an MSc. student at the University of Southampton, UK and studied Software Engineering to strengthen my technical background. My summer project supervised by Prof. Hugh C. Davis who met me with Learning Analytics research area as my dissertation was on “Social Learning Analytics”. My summer project was one of the big steps in the ladder so that I have met with my (previous) main supervisor, Prof. Simon Buckingham Shum and joined The Open University, UK family to study on “Discourse-centric Learning Analytics” as a PhD Research student at the Knowledge Media Institute. My other supervisors are Dr. Rebecca Ferguson and Dr. Anna De Liddo. As Simon left at the end of my PhD’s 2nd year to open a new centre called CIC (Centre for Collective Intelligence) at UTS, Sydney (yes! anything can happen during PhD); Prof. Denise Whitelock from OU’s IET has become my main supervisor. From October 2012, I’m learning how to swim in the pool of PhD and it is so far so good, managed to survive & still alive! -Jan. 2015 edit 🙂

Here is what my page on KMi tells about me & my PhD project: http://kmi.open.ac.uk/people/member/duygu-simsek