Ethereum Blockchain Experiments

This year has been all about the blockchain for me. Starting the first week in January installing the Ethereum code and trying to create a small two node blockchain. Well I guess is really started last November when I was thrown in at the deep end attending the Ethereum developer conference for a week in […]

Testing a LiteMap embeddable map

Embeddable map version of Bio vom Discounter?

Finding the absolute position of an element – when in a table in a scrollable div

I have just spent two hours on a stupidity with finding the position of an element which is inside a table which is inside a scrollable div, because offsetParent does not correctly identify the next offsetParent element (it does not find any scrollable divs above a table). It jumps straight to the body tag. My […]

Builder Heaven

For the past few months we have had the builder in doing a rear extension and an attic conversion so we can gain some more space for our growing family without moving home. I just wanted to write a post about how great they have been. Having had to deal with various builders over the […]

Site update

I have made some small changes to my website. I have added an additional link to get entries as an Atom feed. Also you can now subscribe to individual feeds on each of my categories so you don’t have to listen to all my ramblings, you can be more selective if you like 😉


It was recently brought to my attention that I spend far too much time with my head buried in code and not enough time keeping up with the latest internet trends and generally involving myself in the wider community of the web. So I have joined Facebook and found some of my family already there! […]