Compendium eDance

Well, the eDance project is nearly at an end. I have almost finished the new eDance Compendium with mapping over movies. You can see an example above with four movies being mapped over. Each movie you place on the background of a map gets a timeline and also each comment (node) you place in the […]

e-Dance Session

It has been a while since I made a post, so I thought I would add a quick note about e-Dance. Last week we had an e-Dance project research session in the KMi Podium area. The project is researching the use of the Access Grid for distributed dance. We used the Access Grid to connect […]


I have just started work on the e-dance project and I spent an interesting and unusual first week working with some dancers at Bedford University. Not something I have ever done before and very much an alien world. We spent the week working in the theatre and experimenting with various pieces of software. Manchester University […]