Ethereum Blockchain Experiments

This year has been all about the blockchain for me. Starting the first week in January installing the Ethereum code and trying to create a small two node blockchain. Well I guess is really started last November when I was thrown in at the deep end attending the Ethereum developer conference for a week in London. I took loads of notes in LiteMap. Mostly to test software (that’s another story) and also to remember what on earth was being said by who. Luckily for me they videoed everything and released the movies on YouTube. If I re-watch them now, they make a lot more sense!

Four months on Kevin, a colleague of mine, and I have written many demonstrators as we tested what the Ethereum blockchain could do. The current best demo is the course demo, which images a senario where a Student can enroll on a course using the blockchain, paying in ‘Ether’ (Ethereum’s currencies) and then receiving their award for taking the course on the blockchain. Below is a movie from the Student perspective:

We now have a website showing what we are up to as well with more little movies of the demonstrators we have been building.

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