Compendium eDance

Well, the eDance project is nearly at an end. I have almost finished the new eDance Compendium with mapping over movies.

Compendium movie map

You can see an example above with four movies being mapped over. Each movie you place on the background of a map gets a timeline and also each comment (node) you place in the map gets a timeline. Movies can be set to start at a certain point on the timeline. You can add transition points along the timeline of a movie where you can change it’s location and size and transparency. Each comments also has a time dimension. It can appear at a particular location at a particular point on the timeline, multiple times if desired.  So as you ‘play’ the master timeline, the movies play and the nodes appear and disappear. This can allow you to map through time and highlight points and discuss aspects of one or more movie, compare movies etc. So a choreorapher (or anyone else) can orchestrate a map over time.

This could also be useful for choreographers to present to others the development of a piece or work. I am sure people will find many interesting things to do with it.  If you added no movies at all to the background you could still do interesting things with orchestrating nodes through time. I look forward to seeing how it is used.

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