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So, I have a facebook account and a blog and a netvibes page, now the next step in my goal of “keeping up with the latest internet trends and generally involving myself in the wider community of the web” is do do some research about what is happening out there. What is happening in the mind mapping / dialog mapping world? What are the latest developments in Web 2.0? What are the big boys up to? Who are the big boys?!!

I started this gargantuan task by looking at what software and websites already exist that are similar to either Compendium or Cohere. This is something I should have done a long time ago and never made the time to. Well there are a lot more than I realized. I was swamped. I have created a set of Compendium maps of the data that I have found so far. I haven’t had a chance to download or try many of these yet.

I wanted to put an iframe in at this point with the Compendium maps, but it won’t let me! So I added the above link to the maps instead. Here is a picture of one of the maps anyway just to get a flavour:

compendium map of web-based mapping software

If anyone looks at the maps and sees any software or websites that I have missed out please let me know. I mostly looked at mind mapping software as a peer to Compendium.

As an aside: I recently had a bug report about installing the Cohere FireFox plugin on the Mac using the Flock browser. I had never heard of Flock! So I downloaded it to start investigating the problem. I love it! I now use it as my main browser and view my feeds using a sidebar instead of using my netvibes page.

The next phase of my research will be identify and investigate the ‘Big Boys’!

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