Dad finally has a computer!

My brother and I have spent about 8 years trying to persuade our father to get a Computer. He is Swiss and lives in Switzerland and we only see him about once a year, so if he had a computer it would obviously be great for keeping in touch. He is the sort of person who really likes to mull things over for a good long time. You can’t rush him into things. Since he retired a couple of years ago he has had no excuse for his procrastinations.

Last week my brother Steven was in Switzerland for business and went to visit dad. He asked again about him getting a computer and got the usual response, ‘I’m thinking about it’. So he decided to drag him to a shop and buy him a laptop and an internet connection. He gave him a crash course in how to get online and he setup a yahoo email account for him. He bookmarked the websites I have with photos of my kids, which my dad had never seen before. He also showed him how to open the Windows card game (my dad plays a lot of cards!). Then he went home and left him to it.

So I am now imagining my dad, thrown in at the deep end. He has never really used computers before (he was a mechanic before he retired). Steven said he was having trouble using the mouse and getting it to click on the things he wanted. I have used a computer so long I find it hard to image what an alien environment it could be to someone. My brother persuaded him to look for a beginners computer course in his area. I do hope he does. I am going to go and try sending him an email and see if I get a reply!

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  1. Hello from schönried in switzerland. Very nice page, i am learning;)

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