Site update

I have made some small changes to my website. I have added an additional link to get entries as an Atom feed. Also you can now subscribe to individual feeds on each of my categories so you don’t have to listen to all my ramblings, you can be more selective if you like 😉

Dad finally has a computer!

My brother and I have spent about 8 years trying to persuade our father to get a Computer. He is Swiss and lives in Switzerland and we only see him about once a year, so if he had a computer it would obviously be great for keeping in touch. He is the sort of person […]

Further into the web…

So, I have a facebook account and a blog and a netvibes page, now the next step in my goal of “keeping up with the latest internet trends and generally involving myself in the wider community of the web” is do do some research about what is happening out there. What is happening in the […]