Hypermedia Discourse

The Challenge of e-Participatory Knowledge

Deliberative consultation and participatory planning have risen in importance in recent years, propelled by imperatives for deeper community engagement in planning, greater transparency of decision-making in government and business, and technologically-enabled opportunities such as e-democracy. This invitational workshop brings together researchers and practitioners investigating the potential of digital media to augment participatory, deliberative planning and consultation processes.

A central challenge is to characterize the ways in which knowledge is constructed, reproduced and displayed in participatory planning processes, and the roles that digital media can play in adapting to and shaping this ecosystem. Work spanning urban planning, social science, organization science and management studies demonstrates that technical disciplinary knowledge always co-exists with other influential ways of knowing, which may be distributed and hard to formalize, including stories, engrained and emergent practices, sometimes grounded in deeply held beliefs and systems of meaning that resist change.

Research questions

    1. What makes e-participatory knowledge distinctive?
    2. What new possibilities do digital media open up for participatory planning?
    3. What are the sociotechnical enablers and obstacles to effective e-participatory knowledge management?
    4. What evidence do we have that digital media tools can increase stakeholders’ participatory impact on decision makers, and what non-technical factors may be critical in such “success stories”?


The workshop seeks to make a distinctive contribution to the research roadmap for e-Participation systems, as we consider participants’ responses to the above challenges.
Beyond the event website, we will discuss strategies for further disseminating these outcomes at the workshop.

Workshop Chairs
Grazia Concilio and Anna de Liddo (Politecnico di Bari, IT; KMI Open University, UK)

Organizing Committee
Dino Borri (Politecnico di Bari, IT)
Simon Buckingham Shum (Open University, UK)
Adele Celino (Politecnico di Bari, IT)
Francesco Selicato (Politecnico di Bari, IT)

Invited Speakers (to be confirmed)

Arnaldo“Bibo” Cecchini
Luciano De Bonis
Gregory Kersten
Abdul Khakee
Kari Kuutti
Raine Mäntysalo
Manolis Tzagarakis

Dipartimento di Architettura e Urbanistica
Politecnico di Bari
Via Orabona 4
70100 Bari

Registration & Information
For additional information please contact
Giorgia Lubisco (giorgialubisco@hotmail.com, tel. +39 080 5963447; fax. +39 080 5963348
or  Anna De Liddo (a.deliddo@open.ac.uk), tel +44 1908 653591; fax. +44 1908 653169)


Programme [PDF version]

july 17th, thursday

9,00:9,30 welcome and introduction

9,30:10,15 Raine Mäntysalo
SoftGIS as a boundary object in planning [PDF Presentation]
centre for urban and regional studies (YTK), helsinki university of technology (TKK), helsinki, finland

10,15:11,00 Arnaldo“Bibo” Cecchini [PDF Presentation]
actions, strategies, actors. how to define priorities in strategic planning?
faculty of architecture in alghero, university of sassari, italy

11,00:11,30 coffee

11,30:12,15 Abdul Khakee
The apple pie - spinach metaphore: Shall e-democracy make participatory planning more wholesome?
school of architecture and built environment, division of urban and regional studies, royal institute of technology, stockholm, sweeden

12,15:13,00 Kari Kuutti [PDF Presentation]
Map-based Web Participation in Urban Planning
laboratory of human-computer interaction and group technology, department of information processing science, university of oulu, finland

13,00:14,00 lunch

14,00:14,45 Manolis Tzagarakis [PDF Presentation]
analysis and synthesis of knowledge in e-participatory environments: the CoPe_it! approach
computer technology institute, university of patras,
(eLearning Sector CoPe_it! and the European Project

14,45:15,30 Luciano De Bonis [PDF Presentation]
Open Imaging Web Environments for Autonomous Decisions in Physical Space
facolta’ d’ingegneria, universita’ del molise

15,30:16,00 coffee

16,00:16,45 Anna De Liddo [PDF Presentation]
Mapping Process Memory by Capturing Deliberation in Participatory Spatial Planning
dau, politecnico di bari, italy
kmi, open university, milton keynes, uk

16,45:17,15 Discussion: Preparing the roundtables

20,00 dinner

july 18th, friday

9,00:9,45 Gregory & Margaret Kersten [PDF Presentation]
participation in building understanding and making decisions
InterNeg research centre, concordia university, montreal, Canada

9,45:11,15 round table
participatory knowledge in spatial planning
coordinated by Grazia Concilio
dau, politecnico di bari, italy

11,15:11,45 coffee

11,45:13,15 round table
knowledge management in e-participatory environments
coordinated by Anna De Liddo
dau, politecnico di bari, italy
kmi, open university, milton keynes, uk

13,15:14,30 lunch

towards a road map
coordinated by Gregory Kersten
InterNeg research centre, concordia university, montreal, Canada