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Open Content – Amateur Innovation

Charles Leadbeater presents several cases about “amateur innovation”  –  people who have the tools to collaborate and innovate make their expertise known through great ideas from outside the traditional walls.

Charles Leadbeater’s theories on innovation have compelled some of the world’s largest organizations to rethink their strategies. 

His book, We-Think explores how this emerging culture of mass creativity and participation could reshape companies and governments.


We Think was published by Profile in March 2008. It includes a  sharing  draft of the first eleven chapters online. This was downloaded thousands of times. The author received  hundreds of comments from people that changed the way the book was written.

The first three chapters of the book can be downloaded from the We Think section of his website

He is currently researching for Atlas of Ideas, a program that is mapping changes in the global geography of science and innovation


Intellectual property rights x Free Culture

Professor Lessig rethinks intellectual property rights by judging a balance of forces between commerce and community. His main argument focuses on reviving our creative culture.


His presentation in TED and his book present a very interesting combative manifesto enhancing How creativity is being strangled by the law

Larry Lessig is is one of the foremost authorities on copyright issues, with a vision for reconciling creative freedom with marketplace competition.

He is the founder of the Center for Internet and Society and professor of law at Stanford Law School.

Download his book for free Remix
Making art and commerce thrive
in the hybrid economy