Dr. Alexandra Okada is a Research Associate at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University OU-UK. She is also a guest Lecturer at Getúlio Vargas Foundation FGV Online Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the University of the Arts London, UK.

Her current research focusses on Content Development for Reuse and Adpatation Strategies in ICOPER and OPENSCOUT projects. Both projects are a consortium of European Institutions whose aim is to provide mechanisms to ensure European-wide user cooperation for accessing to a critical mass of integrated educational content.

Her postdoctoral research in Knowledge Mapping focussed on the uses of knowledge media technologies to foster open sensemaking communities in the OpenLearn project from 2006 to 2008. Okada worked with several OpenLearn collaborators including OU partners, such as BBC open2.net, UN ILO, Unesco DKN and Tufts University in the USA. She also managed collaborative projects with the Brazilian Government, and research centres in Brazil, Portugal and Spain.

Dr Okada was a lecturer in Brazil before joining the OU. She worked at the Institute of Advanced Technologies, Pontifical Catholic University and Mackenzie University in São Paulo. She developed several research projects and designed professional development online courses for educators.

Her teaching experience was twelve years at Dante Alighieri School. Her role was also designing learning activities with diverse software tools for primary and secondary school.

She worked also as a computer scientist at IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Anglo Latino. She was responsible for developing systems in knowledge management and offering technical support and trainning.

Dr. Okada holds a BSc in Computer Science, a MBA in Knowledge Management and Marketing, a MA and PhD in Education. Her publications comprise more than 50 papers in international conferences and academic journals, 20 book chapters and 5 books.

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